About Nocturne

Nocturne is a London jewellery brand designing hand-made, head-turning pieces using an unexpected mix of materials and traditional Asian techniques.

The brand focuses on keeping alive traditional Asian artisan techniques, which are presented through a contemporary design approach, creating individual, creative and wearable pieces.

Nocturne's studio in East London

Nocturne was created in 2003 by Claudine Bertinotti Lenoble with the aim to celebrate Asian artisan crafts with a modern aesthetic. Claudine had moved from Paris to China in the 1970's to set up a highly skilled fashion factory, and this is still today where all the Nocturne pieces are hand-made by our in-house artisans.

Nocturne's family-owned factory

Since 2011, creative director Catherine Howkins has been leading Nocturne's design from our studio in East London:

"Nocturne is special because we embrace colour, texture and detail. Also, there is an enormous amount of hand-craftsmanship involved in creating every piece — which is quite unique today in fashion jewellery." Catherine Howkins.

Nocturne's inspiration

Nocturne's jewellery embraces an eclectic aesthetic with a deep love of art at its core. Exploring bold colour combinations and intricate textures, we offer contemporary pieces with a confident, refined look. Versatile enough for day or evening, our handmade accessories impart an effortless dose of edgy glamour to any outfit.

Nocturne is artisanal, decorative, contemporary, wearable and fun!


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